Jupiter Cloud Based Desktops

Need a new platform without the capital cost? Have you considered Cloud Based Desktops? Total mobility.

Our most popular offering with full Windows desktops, MS Office, and your accounting, payroll, or other industry specific applications.

For sites wanting cost efficient, user empowering technology, the cloud based Jupiter offers many attractions…

• Safe, offsite, worry free data storage

• Cost efficient

• Full platform redundancy for high business continuity confidence

• Offsite controlled backups maintained without the need for user input

• Total mobility of desktop access from almost any device, anywhere worldwide

• A platform that changes to suit your changing business needs

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With Microsoft desktop software included in the desktop lease cost, user numbers can be changed from one calendar month to another with associated cost benefits.

Total portability to connect to your desktops from any location, from a range of devices. While ideal for brokers or those operating from a mobile base, the cloud based desktops have become a huge asset in the COVID-19 environment.

For full details and pricing options contact us by phone on 04 471 1521, by email on [email protected], or use the Contact button below.

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