Working From Home


Our Transition Bundle covers the IT support you need to transition to operating from home, all for a single fixed cost. We will discuss your network and your ongoing needs, then advise and/or assist in remotely configuring your environment to see you operational.

This generally covers…

Reconfiguration of laptops or PC’s for the transition from office to home
• Printers – configuration of PC’s, laptops, printer and modem to ensure access to printing
• Configuration of home internet for a business environment – the needs of a remotely accessed server or printer are totally different to a home PC

Contact us to take advantage of this offer on (04) 473 5822 or [email protected]

Cloud based desktops are more appropriate and attractive for many businesses using a server and we can provide those from secure, NZ based data centres. We also have techs available nationwide for separately charged onsite work where required.


COVID-19 has forced new operational possibilities for all business sectors. If cashflow or simply choice has led you to close shopfront operations there are smart IT options to help your business survive.

If your business is built on Sales Consultants, Brokers, Mobile Advisors, or all of those, you may be looking to operate from home(s) or put operations on hold.

These are a few of the questions we are asked and how to make that happen safely.

When I close the bricks & mortar premises can I easily set up at a remote workplace?
Yes – there are fantastic IT opportunities to help you make that happen
• Some platforms will be more successful than others
• Cloud based desktops are designed for portability and may be the perfect fit for your needs
• Remember, it is not long since we were all working from home

Will our workstations or terminals work the same if we take them home?
That depends on how the rest of your computer platform operates
• If you are used to working from home after hours then the likely answer is yes
• Some reconfiguration is likely to be needed but our Helpdesk can do that remotely

Can I take our server home and still have staff access it?
Maybe – this is a question that really needs discussion as there are many variables
• Likely you would be better having your server professionally hosted which may only be a minimal cost
• Once you break the traditional business environment you need to consider other factors such as printing & maintaining offsite backups.

If moving your environment is a consideration then talk to us about your options first.